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66% of people believe Ireland is ready for a national ehealth ecosystem

The HISI Annual Conference and Scientific Symposium which took place on the 19th and 20th November last, was hailed by exhibitors and delegates as a 'huge success'.

At the event, HISI sponsor Grapevine Solutions provided two kiosks to collect information from delegates regarding the use of IT in the healthcare industry at present and how it can be used to improve patient outcomes and an opinion poll asking attendees if they think Ireland is ready for a national eHealth ecosystem? - to which 66% said yes and 34% said no.

The main points highlighted in the survey are that 63% of people said their healthcare staff are not trained enough in using technology in the workplace while 56% believe their organisations have access to satisfactory data on patient outcomes.

Collectively, 84% of respondents rated their own or a family members patient experience as good to excellent, which is promising news for the Irish health care system.

Almost 60% of people still use the traditional method of clinical referral when deciding on a GP or hospital, with only 8% using an online search engine to find a healthcare provider.

Overwhelmingly 44% of respondents chose the availability of a unique health identifier to help share data among GP's, hospitals and consultants as the most beneficial service for patients in the future.

The detailed results collected from the survey are as follows:

'Does your organisation have a data sharing policy which enables you to share relevant patient data and information safely?'

56% said yes

44% said no


'Is your organisation's staff trained to the level required to best exploit technology in healthcare?'

37% said yes

63% said no


'Does your organisation have access to satisfactory data on patient outcomes?'

19% said yes

44% said no

37% said sometimes


'Who can most influence patient outcomes in the long term?'

12% said Policy makers

19% said Service Managers

12% said Public Health Services

7% said Secondary Care

25% said Primary Care

25% said Patients


Please choose one option to finish this sentence "I, or a member of my family, have been a patient within health care system in

the last ….."

37% said 1 year

25% said 2 years

12% said 5 years

25% answered not applicable


Following on from the previous question, 'The patient experience was in which sector, Public, Private or both?'

42% said the public sector

25% said private sector

33% said it was the public and private sectors.


'If you were to rate this experience on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being very good, 1 being not good, how will you rate it?'

8% gave it a 1

8% gave it a 2

25% gave it a 3

42% gave it a 4

17% gave it a 5


'How did you decide on which GP/Consultant/Hospital?'

59% said from Clinical referral

8% said from online search engine- Google / Bing/Yahoo

25% said from a family/friend endorsement

8% said from a local area listing


'Which of these services would be more beneficial to you as a patient?'

44% said the use of a unique health indentifier to help share data

19% said more visible hospital performance statistics to enable patient choice

25% said access to doctors and clinicians online

12% said self-diagnosis portal, sign-posting preventative care and local health services












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