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Marking one year of eHealth action

The 3rd Joint Action supporting the eHealth Network has marked a year of improvements in digital health.

eHAction is co-financed by the EU's 3rd Health Programme – 2018/2021. This joint action is a collaborative project between EU member states and other European countries who are committed to deliver sustainable, economic and social benefits for European eHealth systems and services.

Based on interoperable applications, the main purpose of eHAction is to achieve high levels of trust and security, enhancing continuity of care and ensuring access to a safe and high-quality healthcare.

In the course of the first year of the Project, eHAction has been working towards:

  • empowering people to partake in their health and care process by building their skills to access and control their health data
  • innovating the use of the health data gathered
  • enhancing continuity of care and the implementation of Interoperability Guidelines in Healthcare
  • looking forward to introducing the best principles, to ensure post 2021 sustainability and the continuity of eHealth

“These strategic implementations highlight the importance of eHealth as a service for public health and cross-border access and, consequently, to gain wide acceptance from citizens.” Henrique Martins – eHAction Coordinator and eHealth Network Member States Co-Chair.

About eHAction

A year after the eHAction kick-off, the effort and commitment of its partners and stakeholders must be highlighted. Around 13,000 hours of work have been performed over the year. Several deliverables were produced for the eHealth network, 18 council meetings and 15 specific workshops took place in order to share knowledge, developments and discuss ideas in several distinct focus areas.

Underlining some of the most important outcomes, different reports and guidelines have been developed e.g.:

  • a policy framework on Patient Empowerment
  • a report on cross-border use cases
  • a report on eSkills for Professionals
  • best practices in data protection and others specifically aimed at filling the identified gaps

In this sense, we truly believe both citizens and health professionals will benefit from eHAction, by being able to use health apps, mHealth and teleHealth safely and well informed; increasing their eSkills and eHealth literacy and saving time with simplified and automated processes. 

So far, eHAction is reaching people through social media, registering high engagement rates on Facebook and Twitter. There are still two years of the project ahead, meaning a lot of goals to accomplish.

To find out more information please visit:

eHAction Website

eHAction Facebook

eHAction Twitter

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