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IVI and the Irish Computer Society join forces to demonstrate the value of IT

Free access to IT-CMF Knowledge base for Professional ICS Members

For too long IT has been perceived as just an overhead, something that organisations just have to have — a burden like rent or wages that the business has to carry. For those, like us, who work in IT, we know the IT bill is not so simple to describe and that we deliver a lot more than just overheads.

To help our members show the value they deliver, we have teamed up with the Innovation Value Institute (IVI). ICS members of professional grade or higher will now have free access to the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF).

ICS president, Declan Brady said, “For the first time, this internationally recognised framework will be available to individual IT professionals. Now we are putting it in the hands of IT teams at both large and small organisations alike and letting them drill down into highly specific areas.”

Organisations, both public and private, are constantly challenged to innovate and generate real value. The IT function needs to manage an array of discrete but interdependent disciplines focused on agility, innovation and value.

IT-CMF helps IT teams to understand their level of IT capability for a specific area, like Analytics, Risk Management or Strategic Planning, to name but three of the 37 IT-CMF critical capabilities available.

IT capability is the ability to develop and deploy IT resources for a specific outcome or task. “Put simply, IT capability is your organisation’s ability to create business value, by virtue of your IT team, systems, software and know-how,” said Brady.

“IT-CMF is the gold standard for the management of IT value and innovation. It is a framework specifically created to aid CIOs derive real, measurable business value from IT. It helps organisations devise more robust strategies, make better-informed decisions, and perform more effectively, efficiently and consistently”, said Martin Delaney, Technology Leader and General Manager at IVI.

“We take a holistic, business-led approach that helps organisations develop IT capabilities that last. It can be used to guide performance improvement in organisations of any size and in any sector”, continued Delaney.

Currently used by companies such as EY, BearingPoint, ESB and the HSE, the IT-CMF has saved companies like these millions while providing a catalyst for innovation in the IT Department.

“When your organisation’s IT capability is mature, you can derive the full benefits promised by the technology. This is a world away from being described as part of the ‘cost-of-sale’”, said Delaney.

“The opportunity for value creation and the risk of loss needs to be understood and managed across the organisation. IT-CMF enables a continual drive for operational excellence and accountability for business-value results,” said Brady.

“Combining this with CareerPlus, our CPD system for IT Professionals (also free to members), means that organisations and individuals now have the tools they need to assess the resources they have, the resources they need and the areas where they are both succeeding and in need of improvement,” concluded Brady.

IVI is supported by Enterprise Ireland and the IDA. For more information about getting free access to the IT-CMF assessment tools please contact or call (01) 237 77 88

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