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Get involved in Tech Week 2018: Ireland's Technology Festival

From 22 to 28 April, the Irish Computer Society will be running Tech Week, a week-long, nationwide festival on everything to do with technology, aimed at students, parents and the public.

From coding to gaming, the Internet of Things to drones, Tech Week is a wide-ranging initiative. Activities include nationwide competitions, local events, school tech projects, engagement and awareness raising activities. Now in its fifth year, Tech Week aims to educate everyone about the challenges and rewards of our fast-changing technological society.

We need your help to make this a truly national event by registering an event on our website which you will run in your local community during the festival.

Host an activity to give your learners a chance to develop their interest in technology subjects, consider potential new career avenues, learn new skills, be creative and, most importantly, have fun. The festival has two main objectives:

  • To inspire students to engage with STEM subjects, allowing them to make informed choices about their future careers
  • To educate all citizens – of every age group and background – about the challenges and rewards of our fast-changing technological society

Organising an event (paid or free of charge) is also an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your training centre to a new audience and potential customers.

Some suggestions for activities include:

  • ‘Dive in’ micro digital skills workshops for the public
  • Internet Safety talks for parents
  • Ask colleagues to visit their old school or a local school and talk about their path into IT

Activities don’t need to be elaborate or costly. It can be as easy as hosting a discussion about the effects of technology on our everyday lives during the lunch break or running a ‘just-for-fun’ tech-quiz.

Further activity sheets for a wide range of learners are available on the Tech Week website.

Whatever you do, make sure you register for the event or send us an email at

Afterwards you can share the event on our Facebook page or Twitter so that everyone knows you are part of the Tech Week family.

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