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Get involved: the European Commission calls on health professionals to upgrade their e-skills

Healthcare workers are crucial to the deployment of eHealth, according to the eHealth Stakeholder Group, a European Commission advisory body. Importantly, you are the primary users of eHealth. You also accompany patients in appropriately using these technologies, providing reassurance.

Supporting digital skills of the health workforce is necessary because of the constant changing nature of healthcare systems and healthcare delivery.

A European Joint Action project called eHealth Action (‘eHAction’) has been tasked with understanding how frameworks can be used to develop the e-skills of health professionals, enabling them to operate in new eHealth enabled environments.

Get involved - define your e-skills competence

The project is now at pilot phase. Pilots are taking place in five countries including Ireland. The project team is seeking Irish doctors, dentists and pharmacists to participate in a short skills-assessment exercise.

As a participant you will be asked to:

  • Self-assess your e-skills competence against the eHealth Competence model and its associated health role profiles
  • Give us your opinion as a practising health professional

By completing the self-assessment exercise you are gauging your current e-skills against a structured framework designed for the health workforce, giving you a snapshot of your competence which you can keep for your own purposes.

The exercise is carried out online, is anonymous, quick and easy to do.

The pilot is not a test, it is a way for you to take a snapshot of your current e-skill competence as it pertains to your role that may in turn prompt further thought on skills development.

eHealth for Europe

The eHealth Network connects European national authorities responsible for eHealth and a Joint Action project called ‘eHAction’ supports the eHealth Network in achieving its objectives.  

By focusing on ‘e-Skills for Professionals’ the project aims to provide a clear understanding of how common standards or frameworks can be exploited as part of a structured methodology to develop the e-Skills necessary to support eHealth amongst designated professional groupings in healthcare.

eHAction Task 6.3 ‘e-skills for Professionals’ is being delivered by the Irish Computer Society, on behalf of the Department of Health.  

How to get involved

To take part, contact Linda Keane at

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