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ICT professionals: skills opportunities and challenges 2019 EU update

A new report predicts an additional 395,000 new jobs in ICT occupations by 2030. Ireland is expected to grow ICT jobs by 29% - far in above of the predicted EU average of 11%.Cedefop the independent EU agency for developing skills policy and Skills Panorama the analysis unit charged with turning labour market data into accurate and timely intelligence have delivered their latest new insights into skill ...

  Friday, December 6th

Looking for new staff? Find them at a student-employer networking event

The National College of Ireland are very proud of their students who recently graduated in November from MSc, Postgraduate and Higher Diploma courses in Cyber, Cloud, Data Analytics, Web Technologies and Software Development.These are highly sought after skills and employers looking for these skills were invited to meet with these graduates in a ‘Networking for Work’ event which has now taken place.The ...

  Thursday, November 28th

ICS Deputy CEO Mary Cleary awarded inaugural David O'Leary Award

Mary Cleary, Deputy CEO of the Irish Computer Society, has been awarded the inaugural David O’Leary Award for her contributions to the development of IT Professionalism.Mary Cleary was presented with the award at the IFIP General Assembly in Kiev this week.Receiving the inaugural award demonstrates Mary’s continuing commitment to raising standards of professionalism in IT across Ireland and internationally. She ...

  Thursday, October 17th

A new declaration on IT Professionalism

A new declaration on IT Professionalism was made by the ICS CIO Advisory board on behalf of the ICS CIO Forum at the recent ICS Leaders Conference.It is no secret that almost 40% of companies trying to recruit IT professionals in Europe report difficulties in finding skilled workers. Clearly, we have to create the right framework to attract fresh talent to the IT sector, ...

  Thursday, October 17th

New digital tools to support data quality in health and social care

The HIQA Health Information Team is launching two digital learning modules today to support health and social care professionals and organisations to improve the quality of the data they collect. The modules aim to support the sector in implementing HIQA’s Guidance on a data quality framework for health and social care and to highlight the importance of quality data and information for all ...

   Thursday, October 17th

October is European Cybersecurity Month

On the 1st of October the European Cybersecurity Month was launched in all Member States to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats as well as promote cybersecurity among citizens and organisations through education and sharing of good practices. This year, in particular, European Cybersecurity Month will focus on raising awareness about the good cybersecurity practices that should be a part of everyone’s daily routine, ...

   Tuesday, October 8th

EU Web Accessibility Directive now in force for public sector bodies

All public sector websites created after 23 September 2018 will have to be accessible by 23 September 2019. Existing websites will have to comply by 23 September 2020. All mobile applications will have to be accessible by 23 June 2021.Directive (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 October 2016 on the accessibility of the websites and mobile applications of public sector bodies requires public bodies to ensure their websites ...

   Monday, September 23rd

Marking one year of eHealth action

The 3rd Joint Action supporting the eHealth Network has marked a year of improvements in digital health.eHAction is co-financed by the EU's 3rd Health Programme – 2018/2021. This joint action is a collaborative project between EU member states and other European countries who are committed to deliver sustainable, economic and social benefits for European eHealth systems and services.Based on interoperable applications, the main purpose ...

  Tuesday, August 6th

Volunteer as a judge at this year's Scratch Coding Competition

Would you love to share your STEM knowledge and expertise with students?Would you like to help students with their STEM projects?Do you believe you could be a great resource for students interested in STEM fields?If you answered YES to any of these questions, then our future digital creators need you!Each year, the Irish Computer Society is sponsored by Lero (The ...

  Wednesday, January 22nd

ICS welcomes new Fellow Kieran McCorry