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New ICS president’s vision for a new IT community

At the Irish Computer Society AGM last month, Professor Mike Hinchey was elected as the new President of the Society.He is professor of Software Engineering at the University of Limerick and the former director of LERO – The Irish Software Research Centre. Prior to his time at LERO, Prof Hinchey was director of the Software Engineering Laboratory at NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre in ...

  Friday, December 14th

Have your say and win! - Take part in the National Data Protection Survey 2019

Have your say by taking part in the 2019  National Data Protection survey and win a free ticket to the National Data Protection conference on 23 to 24 January 2019. The 2019 National Data Protection Survey is now open. By responding to this survey you will contribute to the developing field of Data Protection and will have your opinion heard.

  Thursday, December 6th

Who are you calling unprofessional?

People tend to get a little defensive when asked about their professionalism. It may feel that something is implied - that you don't know your job, or as the dictionary defines it 'not exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, or generally businesslike manner in the workplace'. So to clarify a little about what we mean when we say professionalism and what it means to be an ...

   Thursday, November 1st

30 European ICT Professional Role Profiles built on the e-CF

The European ICT Professional Role Profiles provide a Europe-agreed set of 30 typical profile descriptions from an ICT organisational viewpoint. They can be either directly adopted or used as an inspiration and sound starting point for the flexible creation of more context-specific profiles, based upon organisational roles or individual job descriptions from a broad variety of contexts.The 30 ICT Professional Role Profiles provide a generic ...

  Friday, October 26th

EIB to provide €225m loan to support rollout of eHealth


The European Investment Bank has agreed to provide €225 million to support the roll-out of Ireland’s transformational eHealth programme. The new nationwide electronic health and information programme is expected to improve delivery of health services for the entire population of Ireland over the next decade.The 20 year European Investment Bank loan was signed in Dublin by Andrew McDowell, European Investment Bank Vice President and ...

  Wednesday, October 17th

O’ Moore Medal Recipient Announced

The 2018 O' Moore Medal will be awarded to Richard Corbridge, former HSE Chief Information Officer at the Annual Health Informatics Society of Ireland Conference in Croke Park on November 7th.Richard Corbridge was the first Chief Information Officer for the Health Service Executive (HSE)  (2014 to 2017). Some of his successes are the creation of Ireland’s first digital hospital in Cork as well as an ...

  Monday, September 24th

Research or study in the U.S.: Fulbright Awards now open for applications

The Fulbright Irish Awards provide grants for Irish citizens, and E.U. citizens resident in Ireland for at least three years, to research, study or lecture in the U.S. The application period is open until 6 November 2018.This year there is a new grant available for those who want to do research in the technology field: a new TechImpact Scholar award.Fulbright Irish Student ...

  Tuesday, September 25th

Conference presentations now available for members