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HISI Code of Professional Conduct

Professional Members of the Health Informatics Society of Ireland shall behave in accordance with the principles set out below:

Protection of Public Interest and Legal Compliance

Members shall:

  • Exercise their professional skills in such a way as to safeguard public health, safety and the environment
  • Recognise the rights of third parties and not prejudice the intellectual property rights of others
  • Take reasonable steps to know and understand the relevant legislation, regulations and standards and comply with such requirements in carrying out their work
  • Recognise basic human rights and endeavour to avoid actions that have an averse effect on such rights.

Responsibility to Employers and Client/Patients

Members shall:

  • Perform professional work that meets the requirements of their employer or client/patient and draw the employer's or client/patient's attention to the consequences of ignoring or overruling the member's professional judgement
  • Perform professional work to time and to budget and notify the employer or client/patient early if such requirements are unlikely to be fulfilled
  • Not offer or provide any inducement to a third party in return for business secured with a client/patient, unless there is full disclosure of the facts to that client/patient
  • Not disclose or authorise the disclosure of confidential information gained in the course of professional work, except with the prior written permission of the employer or client/patient, nor use such information for personal gain.