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  • Connect and network Network with other health informatics professionals.
  • Avail of opportunities to continuously develop your skills and advance your career.
  • Inform yourself and influence others on key issues affecting your profession.
  • Contribute your voice to support Ireland's future as a world-class centre of health informatics.

HISI exists to promote the value and efficiency that good health IT can bring to better decision making at both a clinical and commissioning level which will improve patient outcomes and allow more time and resources to be allocated to frontline services. We are trying to get to the future faster!

  • Membership is only €50
  • Become a member today for the latest in Health IT nationally and internationally
  • Get access to over 400 exclusive online member resources
  • Join our Special Interest Groups
  • Attend over 30 free member training events developing all aspects of your IT Skills
  • Get access to the latest eHealth news, academic research, international expert groups including IMIA and EFMI and unparalleled networking opportunities
  • 20% off HISI Annual Conference and Key Stakeholder Events

Now is the Time to Join HISI

The rapid development of eHealth internationally is beginning to transform healthcare provision and stimulate a new economic sector at the intersection of ICT, Healthcare, Med-Tech and Diagnostics.

Ireland has all of the ingredients to become a global player in this field; the shortage of eHealth skills is the single greatest impediment to our active participation in this expanding economic sector.

HISI is here to help you capture this opportunity through:

  • promoting the use and application of health information systems and technology in delivering better and more cost-effective healthcare
  • working with the international eHealth industry where high-skilled health informatics specialists are in great demand
  • providing opportunities for you to provide these skills through internationally traded services from an Irish base
  • enabling innovation, development and the support of new eHealth systems and technologies
  • maintaining partnerships with governmental, national and international bodies to promote Healthcare Informatics

Professional Recognition

Helping you become recognised as a Healthcare Informatics Professional is a major objective of HISI. We HISI have a series of programmes available to help your continuing professional development in your chosen field such as:

  • HITS
  • mHealth for Health Professionals
  • ECDL for Health
  • iCHIP
  • Opportunities to join RAMI and ICS
  • Data Protection
  • IT-CMF
  • eCompetence Framework IT Skills Assessment

"From 2013, starting with the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme and continuing under Horizon 2020, the Commission will support activities aiming at increasing citizens’ digital health literacy. For professionals (health and scientific communities) the focus will be on developing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for telemedicine services with particular emphasis on nursing and social care workers"
eHealth Action Plan 2012-2020 - Innovative healthcare for the 21st century EU Commission, June 2012

Career Development

  • Educational sessions by HISI, RAMI and the ICS are available to members to assist in career development.
  • The Annual HISI conference and section meetings throughout the year are also available.
  • The HIMSS, EFMI and IMIA conference and education sessions are also available to members, usually at preferential rates.

"IT jobs in healthcare are expected to grow 20 percent annually through 2018 Competition for skilled IT staff members will only continue to increase" – US Bureau of Labor Statistics, August 2011

Research and Information Services

  • Access to over 400 exclusive online member resources.
  • The HISI Newsletter is published monthly updating you on essential news and events
  • Free access to reports in the HISI and ICS Informed research series.
  • International newsletters from IMIA, ACI, HIMSS.
  • Two annual bursaries, currently €2,000 each are available. See the Research Bursaries section for further details.
  • A prize of €300 for the best paper at the Annual HISI Conference is also awarded.
  • Support, as appropriate, to attend various national and international events are considered by the Executive as appropriate.

Networking Opportunities & Events

  • Free or discounted entry to HISI and ICS lectures, workshops and conferences covering health, technical, management and personal development topics.
  • Discounted entry to relevant events of affiliated societies and organisations.
  • Regular members-only social events.
  • UK CHIP (Certified Health Informatics Practitioner) has established a relationship allowing iCHIP for Ireland to be pursued.
  • Prorec and Eurorec associated membership opportunities
  • HISI members can also stand for election to the Executive committee to direct the future of the organisation.

Exclusive HISI and ICS Member Offers

  • Discounted training: save up to 20% on a range of training courses from the ICS such as:
    • HITS (Health Informatics Training System)
    • ECDL
    • Data Protection
    • IT-CMF
    • eCompetence Framework IT Skills Assessment