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Online CITA-A Solution Architect Course

Course Aims and Objectives

A Solutions Architect is an expert in many categories. They should have hands-on experience in multiple industries and across several disciplines. They can master a variety of hardware platforms including mainframes, distributed platforms, desktops, and mobile devices. Akin to that, they should also possess skill and understanding of a variety of Operating Systems. A broad and deep understanding of Databases is also required.

The course focuses on:

  1. How to engage in a long-term relationship and have a business-prioritization conversation with a customer
  2. Identify value in digital initiatives and translate to measurable terms in cases when the customer is unsure or when market forces drive innovation
  3. Develop and describe the technical implementation approach to correct level of detail for solution architecture, especially in cases where there are multiple alternative solutions
  4. Assemble an appropriate team for success, reach shared vision for the solution and identify the workstreams and the approach for developing the solution
  5. Identify the solution development lifecycle in your organization and identify changes to make it more efficient
  6. Understand digital transformation as a program as distinct from the normal IT project portfolio
  7. Identify architecture as a profession and solution architecture as a role within many types of architects.

Aims & Objectives

The purpose of this course is to prepare architects to function effectively as project delivery architects using common techniques and procedures. By the end of the course, participants will be ready to:

  1. Develop solution architecture for midsize to large projects
  2. Understand the four primary aspects of solution architecture
  3. Work with critical stakeholders to deliver
  4. Function within both enterprise and agile teams throughout project life cycle
  5. Deliver solutions regularly based on sound value management techniques
  6. Manage the expectations of stakeholders based on a communications strategy
Target Audience

Iasa Associate Level courses provide superior learning opportunities that will enable you to harness the power of architecture.  All enterprise and technology architects and strategists will benefit from the concepts presented in this associate course.

Included in the course

  1. Pre-Study Material
  2. PDF Course Material
  3. CITA Associate Exam(proctored online)

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