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Management of Risk - M_O_R® Combined Foundation and Practitioner Certificate

Exam Information:

Exams are optional however they are required if the delegate wishes to receive an APM qualification.

The foundation exam is on day 3 (1 hour) and the practitioner exam is on day 5 (3 hours).

Foundation Exam Contains 75 questions - 70 exam questions and five trial questions. Each question covers a different syllabus topic and is worth 1 mark. The pass mark is 35. Trial questions are not scored. 60 Minute, closed book exam set by the APMG.

Practitioner Exam Contains four questions each covering a different perspective and combination of syllabus areas. Each of the four questions contains 20 question-lines, each of which attracts 1 mark, giving a total of 80 marks. The pass mark is 40(50%). Each of the four questions will be sub-divided into parts. Each of these 'part-questions' will identify the portion of the 20 marks allocated to it.

Suitable for:

  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Support Staff
  • Anyone involved in making important decisions that involve a degree of risk

There are no pre-requisites for attending the course or taking the examinations.

What’s good about the course?:

  • Learning sessions
  • Individual Group exercises
  • Programme-scenario based practical work.
  • Instructor Led Tuition
  • Examination of Case Study
  • Mock examinations and feedback
  • Examinations
  • Pre-course reading, evening study and question practice will dramatically increase the likelihood of success in the examination.
  • Delegates should expect to undertake 1 – 2 hours of revision work during each night of the course.

All instructors are practicing Risk Managers with many years experience of dealing with risk and issues in projects of all sizes. All instructors are themselves Registered M_o_R® Practitioners and have been approved by the APM Group to deliver the event.

Examination and Registration Fees

  • The official OGC Management of Risk manual
  • Pre-course instructions and essential reading
  • Lunch and refreshments


On completion of the course delegates will have:

  • Defined the key principles underpinning the effective Management of Risk.
  • Applied the main components of the Risk Management process.
  • Recognised how to manage risks at the Strategic, Programme, Project and Operational level.
  • Identified a range of techniques that can be used to support the Management of Risk process.
  • Prepared for and taken the M_o_R® Foundation & Practitioner Examination


  • Improved basis for effective strategy formation
  • Reduced time spent fire-fighting and fewer unwelcome surprises
  • Increased likelihood of successful change initiative outcomes
  • Closer internal focus on doing the right things properly
  • Increase in efficient use of resources waste and fraud
  • Better management of contingency resources

Detailed Content

  • M_O_R principles, terminology and methods
  • M_o_R® framework, tools and techniques
  • Business continuity management
  • Security, programme/project risk management and operational service management
  • Risk process lifecycle
  • These topics are placed in the context of an organisational framework for the management of risk
  • Overview of Corporate Governance and the Management of Risk

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