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Health Professionals and IT Skills

It is essential that Health Professionals are given the IT skills to make the most efficient use of their time spent away from patients performing administrative tasks. The growing use of new mobile technologies and patient centred devices has also increased the opportunity for health professionals to use point-of-care devices at the patient bedside or in surgery which can increase the patient/clinician experience.

The courses below compliment clinical skills by increasing trust and understanding of the appropriate use of IT in Healthcare. Please contact for more information

Health Informatics Training System (HITS Level 1)

HITS is a web delivered and assessed training and certification solution. It is designed to provide understanding and competence in the use of information and communications technology in healthcare, for those who participate in the healthcare delivery process at any level.

Basic Concepts of Health Informatics covers topics ranging from data processing and electronic record keeping to decision-support systems and security. Future HITS levels are planned which will focus on specialist areas within health informatics.

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