Health ICT Leaders Forum

Charting the future of ICT in healthcare.

What is the Health ICT Leader Forum?

A peer networking platform

The Forum addresses the need for a stable and enduring platform for peer networking, discussion and debate for CIOs and high-level management more generally. As the only forum of its kind in Ireland, it provides a unique opportunity to meet, network and learn from the country’s best IT minds.

A space to discuss prevalent IT issues

The Forum provides a space for CIOs to critically debate key issues within IT (CIO challenges, security, IT infrastructure, architecture) and devise strategies and methodologies for moving forward. Learn how to implement actionable ideas and strategies for your business and impart some wisdom of your own.

For IT that’s continually changing

Given the challenges CIOs are constantly faced with the forum will be involved in organising discussion of input on national and sectorial initiatives, acting as a sounding board for its members via discussion boards and documents, small seminars on technology updates and developments, etc.


The Health IT Leaders Forum has the following primary objectives:

To bring together the leaders in this sector, whether these are the strategists, the delivery, the technical or the scientific personnel.

To enable this group to share their experiences, provide input and feedback to organisation s such as the HSE, HIQA, DOH, etc.

And to act as a support group in the development of the role of Health ICT in Ireland.


The delivery of ICT-enabled transformation across the public and private health systems is managed and delivered in many different fashions. The dearth of investment in healthcare ICT has been evident.

The need to deliver efficiencies, keep aging systems alive, and reduce costs have been the mantra for the previous years.

From a clinical perspective, there is a growing demand for increased use of information technology solutions to assist in delivering better, safer and more efficient patient care. In addition, healthcare system managers are looking for business analytics to aid in the examination and optimisation of these systems. ICT leaders across public and private health sectors are tackling the same issues and problems.

Many are driving developments that have wider implications and learning out side of their own organisations.

The benefit of bringing together these ‘Thought’ and ‘Delivery Leaders’ is evident. To that end it is proposed to establish a Health ICT Leaders Forum under the auspices of HISI.